Your Swingers Break Schedule

Your Swing Holiday Spain Schedule

Your "Swing Holiday Spain" weekend break is designed to give you a relaxing break, so nothing except the party time is set in stone*.

We want you to enjoy your swingers holiday here in Spain, so we are flexible on mealtimes, bedtimes, flight times.

Your guideline itinerary runs as follows:

  • Friday:
    • We collect you from the airport** or Costa Blanca resort sometime between 9am and 10pm.
    • Dinner with Jo and David at Casa Fiesta between 8pm and midnight, depending upon guests arrival times.
    • Drinks, either in our bar, or we can drop you at a Spanish bar in town***, or you can relax with a movie or drinks and a chat with your hosts.
  • Saturday:
    • Breakfast between 8am and 10am, we are flexible, this can be earlier or later to suit you.
    • Shop or Sunbathe through the day
    • The swingers party starts at 10pm
    • There will be hot and cold food at the party
  • Sunday:
    • The swingers party finishes between 2am and 4am
    • Breakfast between 10am and noon
    • We return you to your airport in time for your flight or to your resort after 1pm

The house bars are self service and never close. We stock local versions of Vodka, Whisky, Gin, White Rum, Dark Rum, Brandy, Red Wine, White Wines, Sparkling Spanish wines, Lager, Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Water, Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Fanta Lemon, Fanta Orange, 7up, Sangria, Tonic water.

If you drink something special we should be able to source it for you at cost price.

If we can do anything to make your swingers holiday in Spain more enjoyable please do not hesitate to let us know.

* We are flexible on pickup and meal times, as long as the times do not impede us preparing for Saturdays swingers party.
** We will collect you from Alicante or Murcia airport, or from a Costa Blanca resort.
*** Rafal is a small Spanish town with a population of just over 10,000. Not many people speak English, but everyone is friendly.