The Saturday Swingers Party

The Swingers Party

All "Swing Holiday Spain" weekend breaks for swingers include entrance to our Saturday night swinging parties.

Our parties have been running since 2004 in Spain, and before that from 1999-2004 in the UK.

There is a buffet meal at the party (BBQ on warm nights), with a free bar serving our normal range of spirits, beers, mixers and juices.

The normal attendance for a swingers party is between 30 and 60 people, however we cannot guarantee numbers or sexuality of the guests as it changes at every event.

The guests are always a good mix of Spanish, English, Belgian, Dutch, South Americans and many others.

Language is not a barrier, everyone is at the party for the same reasons, to either get laid by someone other than their normal partner, or to watch their partner get laid by someone new.

It is very rare that anyone leaves a party without having had some sexual activity.

To find out a lot more about our swingers parties, and to add your names to the guest list go to

We have been running swingers parties for many years in the UK and for the last 12 years here in Spain.

We have been running regular swingers holidays in Spain for 9 years