Swing Holiday Spain Discrimination Policy

Swing Holiday Spain - Discrimination Policy

Sadly in life almost everybody discriminates against other people. We at Swing Holiday Spain do our best to avoid discrimination, our only exception is against single males, as explained on the Single Males page.

We welcome everyone to our swingers parties, even those whose kinks we fail to understand. We will not judge you.


  • Wheelchair users - are always welcome at our parties, the house has a ramp leading to the front doors, there are 2 downstairs toilets and 1 playroom. Sadly, we cannot accommodate a wheelchair user for weekend breaks, as we have no ground floor guest bedrooms.
  • Deaf, Blind Speech impaired - You are all welcome, we will do our best to make you as comfortable as possible.


  • We welcome people of all religions, however our weekends are for the enjoyment off all our guests, so we ask that you keep your religious views to yourselves.

Race, Colour or Nationalities

  • We welcome everyone of all colours, races and nationalities.
  • However, the Swinging scene operates on people feeling attracted to their fellow playmates.
  • As is true in any club, we cannot guarantee that your fellow guests will want to interact with you.
  • Jo and David love playing with people of any colour, between us we have played with someone from virtually every country in the world.


  • We allow people of all legal ages to attend all our parties.
  • If you appear to be under 18, we will ask to see photo ID before allowing you to enter.
  • Jo prefers her playmates to be under 45, this is personal preference. David her husband is 15 years older, so she prefers to play with younger people at the parties. She does have older playmates but only if they physically attract her or charm her into bed.


  • Everyone of any weight is allowed to attend.
  • David prefers women under a size 18, he has been known to play with larger ladies, he is attracted to the person rather than the wrappings.


  • People of all sexualities are very welcome.
  • At almost every party we have a mixture of straights, bi females and bi males.
  • Transsexuals, Transvestites and Cross dressers are all equally welcome to come and join us.

Single Men

  • Visit the page Single Males for our policy on single males