Single Males

Our Single Males Policy

We no longer allow single males to attend our weekend breaks

Due to bad experiences with single males in the past they may only attend our swingers weekends under the following conditions.

  • They may only attend as part of a mixed sex trio.
  • We limit the number of single men to 2 single males per weekend.
  • We only accept single men under 46 at our swingers weekend or swingers party.
  • Sex is not guaranteed - we and our guests are swingers; this means that we, and they, only have sex with people who we find attractive.

We can accommodate 3 couples or 2 singles in their own private rooms.**

  • The cost of a break for a mixed sex couple is 150€
  • The cost of a break for a Female, Male, Male trio is 300€ - paid in advance
  • The cost of a break for a Female, Female, Male trio is 270€
  • If you are a party of 2 couples booking together the cost will be 270€

** The bedroom will be used as a playroom during the party, but as soon as you want to go to bed we will change the bedding and make the room off limits to other guests.