JoJo Your Hostess at Swing Holiday Spain

JoJo - Your hostess at Casa Fiesta

jojo - your hostess at the best swingers parties in spainI am your hostess for your Swingers Holiday in Spain.

I am:

  • Canadian by birth, British by marriage, Spanish resident, I travel whenever the opportunity arises.
  • I have been swinging since 2000 in the UK, Spain and Holland, and with David I run a swingers party every month.
  • I am not one to chase people, but I am almost always feeling horny, so if you want to play read below to make sure you are what I am looking for, then ask!
  • I am a smoker and I drink socially at parties - vodka and 7UP or Jack and coke.
  • I happy to play alone, or as a couple with David. I am a greedy girl (I like lots of men) / Hotwife (I play separately from David and tell him what I have been doing) / Cougar (I like young men aged 18-50) and I am almost always ready for action. If you meet the criteria of people I like to play with then just ask me to join you, or you and your friends for some fun.

When I am playing I like:

  • My ladies to be bi - not bi curious, reasonable body, aged between 18-50, willing to try new things,
  • My men to have good bodies, to be aged between 18 - 50, must enjoy giving and receiving oral sex. Must be able to fuck for more than 5 minutes. I hate it when guys only last a few seconds. I also enjoy having several guys at the same time, and love to be fucked doggy fashion while sucking a cock and wanking another.
  • To have your cum - I like to swallow, to have you cum in me or on me. Never waste it on the floor or in a condom! (If you use a condom pull out and cum in my mouth)
  • Licking clean a well filled pussy, and having my cum filled pussy licked clean by girls or guys.

Things I do not like:

  • Anal sex
  • Scat
  • Pissing
  • Having my head held during oral sex
  • Oral with a condom
  • Wasting cum in a condom or on the floor

For a more detailed look at what I and to see some of the pictures of me in action with friends check out