David your host at Swing Holiday Spain

David - Your Host at Casa Fiesta

dirty david - your host at the best swingers parties in spainYour host at "Swing Holiday Spain" (swingers holidays in spain) is david, aka dirtydavid.

  • I am into swinging, sex, photography, the internet, good food, good wines and good fun.
  • Born in 1956, 5'11" brown eyes, brown hair (greying), 13 stone, 6 lbs.
  • Swinging since (on and off) 1974.
  • Married to JoJo since August 2006.
  • Many of you know by now, I am an exhibitionist, I like public sex, I enjoy group sex, and having my picture taken and appearing in videos. I love giving oral, and have a well trained tongue. I am a long stayer.
  • I prefer my playmates to be shaven and smaller than a size 16. Though if the personality is right I do stray from this.
  • If you want me to play with you, just ask or take me by the hand and take me to a bedroom. As hosts we never ask people to play with us as we feel it puts unfair pressure onto our guests.
  • I have attended more then 200 swingers parties, hosted more than 100 in England and another 100+ here in Spain. I have also been to many clubs in America, Europe and the UK.
  • I love watching Jo with guys and playing with her at the same time or afterwards - the stickier the better.
  • I am straight but bi friendly/comfortable, I am happy to be in action with a girl while she plays with another guy